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Welcome to Contour Directional Drilling Ltd: Ontario’s premier trenchless-installer of all underground utilities.

Contour Directional Drilling is a Canadian-owned company that has been installing underground utilities throughout Ontario since 1997.

Our installations are trenchless. Our technology is ideal for completing projects quickly, reducing recovery costs and keeping streets, yards, parking lots, fields, and any other landscape undisturbed. Don’t ruin your yard! Why shutdown that busy parking lot?  Do you really want to trench your driveway?Don’t disrupt traffic! Stop Digging and Call Contour Directional Drilling.

Our services will show you that directional drilling isn’t just water, gas, and electrical lines: we offer a full array of Fiber Optic,Geothermal and Geosolar services. If you need more than just a drill shot, we are your contractor. In many instances, we offer total site-development.

We believe in quality work, professionalism, integrity, and safety. We don't believe in digging trenches. These principles go into each and every job.

If you are still unclear on what directional drilling is, please check out our Video, What We Do and How We Do It. As always, you can Contact Us: we're proud of our industry and are happy to answer any of your questions.

If you like what see you can Request-A-Quote.

Thank You for choosing Contour Directional Drilling Ltd!

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