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How We Do It


“Get It Right The First Time!”

Contour Directional Drilling stresses quality work through professionalism and integrity while complimenting those principles with experience and a positive attitude. With flexible problem-solving and innovative ideas there are few landscapes that Contour can’t successfully drill.

With over a decade of horizontal directional drilling experience there isn’t a soil-type that Contour Directional Drilling has not encountered. Our drill-fluid mixes to our drill operators to our drilling knowledge reflect that experience. We get it right the first time!

With a Contour Directional Drilling crew installing your underground utilities you will be met by a knowledgeable staff that respect the property they are working on. You can trust that all services will be installed correctly and accurately with strict safety measures.

"It's THAT Accurate"

We can setup our drill-rig 400 feet away from the desired target and have our drill-shot end within a foot of the target.We do this while avoiding all utilities, and having our drill steel run into buried rocks and other difficult soils. Our crewmen are that precise. Our technology is that precise.

We understand that some projects are unique and can present their own set of challenges. At Contour we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box and resourcing our years of experience to solve your problem.