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Underground/Trenchless Utility Installation:


Geothermal Installation

Geosolar Installation


Fiber Optic Installation

  • Communication Lines

  • Drainage

  • Electrical / Hydro Lines

  • Gas Lines

  • Sewage Lines

  • Sump Pumps

  • Traffic Signals

  • Water Lines

  • Well-Connections


Where we perform these services:

Contour Directional Drilling is proud to accept any challenge on any landscape. Our clients give us their problem and we solve it! Some common examples of where we do our directional drilling:

  • Highway & Road Crossings

  • Railroad Crossings

  • Roundabouts/Traffic Circles

  • Residential Developments
    • Developing
    • Developed
    • Undeveloped

  • Driveway Crossings

  • Rural Estates

  • River/Stream Crossings

  • Commercial Developments - Plazas and Parking Lots
    • Developing
    • Developed
    • Undeveloped

  • Agricultural/Farmer Field Crossings

Our Other Services Include:

  • Locates

  • Pipe-Fusing

  • Pipe-Supply

  • Vacutrench / Sucker Truck

Site-Development Services:

We understand that certain jobs require something above and beyond a simple drill-shot.

Complimented by sister company VHF Construction Limited, we can offer many site-development services that other contractors simply cannot offer. Theses services include VHF's top-of-the-line, in-house built, floating fence services.

Please contact us with your specific project requirements!


Fiber Optics

Pipe Supply

Pipe Fusing Services

Fencing Services

Locating Services

Vacutrench Services