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Geothermal heating has exploded in the last decade - and for good reason - geothermal heat will save you money while also helping the environment.


A brief definition:


Geothermal heating uses a series of pipes that are buried in the ground to gather heat from the earth. The pipes have an ethanol solution circulated through them to make them phenomenal conductors of heat. The heat is then passed from the pipes to the geothermal pump located in your home. The heat is then distributed as you wish.


"Where does directional drilling come into the geothermal process?"


Simple! Via directional drilling we install geothermal pipes in the earth.



Geosolar, much like geothermal, is a renewable energy resource. This has prompted the government to benefit those that use GeoSolar energy.


At Contour, we do not install the geosolar systems themselves, but we do perform directional drill shots that are mandatory to the geosolar installation process.