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What We Do


"What is directional drilling?"

We've heard it before. We appreciate the fact that Horizontal Directional Drilling isn't common knowledge. Having been asked this question too many times to count, company owner and founder Wally Billing designed this descriptive cartoon:


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What We do


Contour Directional Drilling Ltd., installs utilities underground without digging any trenches. We accomplish this by drilling horizontally underground. A standard drill-shot goes like this:


  • We determine a bore-path (or drill-path) after reviewing the job site.
  • We make sure any underground obstructions have been located prior to drilling.
  • Next we decide we decide on our drilling fluid mix. The drill fluid acts as a lubricant while also preserving the drill-hole.
  • We setup our drill and make a small entrance hole. We drill underground until we reach the desired depth and then level out our drill steel. The drilling is conducted horizontally from here until we reach our pre-planned exit hole.
  • After we have successfully reached the exit hole, we attach a reamer and the conduit/pipe (that will eventually contain the utility) to the drill steel.
  • We pull the drill steel, reamer, and conduit back through our drill-hole to the original entrance pit.
  • We clean up. Job completed! The conduit is successfully installed and awaiting its utility with no digging necessary.


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How we do it

The busy parking lot: A Common Job for Contour Directional Drilling Ltd.

Pictured here is a small entrance pit with the drill steel going underground. The exit pit can be seen at the far side of the parking lot.